Royally Managing: Take the fascinating Reality Tour  to learn more about classifying your royal managerial nature and behavior. Respecting royal differences can help a person to better interact, communicate, cope, play, and win. Being human, you can always willfully compete, cooperate, conform, or create when needed, but it takes energy, and is not as much fun playing games.

Gratefully Honoring: While playing the War version of the Peopling Game, imagine being a brave warrior fighting to conquer or defend an infamous hill, such as Bunker, Little Round Top, San Juan, Monte Casino, Pork Chop, or Hamburger. Manage to keep faith with brave dead comrades so that they did not die in vain and can sleep in peace. As it did for them, may care, trust, faith, love, and hope continue to spiritually inspire you to do good work and brave, unselfish deeds.

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Royally Peopling: Playing a simple, fun, free, educational Peopling Game healthily exercises your royal math and managerial talents. Compete or cooperate to people a central, elevated goal line by sensing and reducing differences. Enjoy being crowned King of the Hill or Battle. Introduce negative numbers, equations, symbols, and feedback concepts. One equation modeled with a hand calculator covers any move. Print a sample game board or make your own.

Royally Doing – Boltman, an adopted, astute, Internet wanderer,  claims new Plums can help solve our nation’s job and debt problems by promoting popular STEM education: science, technology, engineering, & math. He says to have fun naturally eneracting and to enjoy seeing other people and things eneract, especially with a Plum™ triple-pendulum, technology booster.

Royally Ruling: Imagine for a moment that you have been blessed with amazing royal talents, and an abundance of mystical energy: physical, mental and spiritual. These wonderful gifts empower you to serve, rule, play, and win. And to help manage, animate, and improve our wonderful world, especially with insights gained from playing a simple peopling game, taking a tour, and toying with a pendulum.

Enjoy Eneracting

For exciting, sobering army stories, click on Miracle Wound, Scouts Don’t Live, & Battle of the Hubertus Cross. Also link to Fire, Encounter, Just Rewards, Dead, Operation Queen, and Operation Grenade.


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Royal           Reality

Feedback managing and inertial sensing are high-tech things that people do naturally. Eneracting—transferring energy into action—is how they do them. A simple feedback war game, a natural managerial tour, and a pendulum technology booster illustrate the principles involved.

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